Hilwee GmbH & Co. KG

We are an export office based in Germany near Cologne Airport. As a purchasing and export bureau, we are active in two main business fields:
Supply of Electro- & Mechanical Equipment, Spare Parts as well as in the Food- & Beverage industry.
We acquire best prices and provide fast and safe supplies to our clients around the world.
We also manage professional packing of sensitive materials and their deliveries on door to door basis.
Beside Electro and Mechanical supplies, we can also provide Installation, Servicing and Troubleshooting of Electrical and Mechanical Systems in Production Plants, Hospitals, Water Works and many other facilities.
Our business experience of several years and good knowledge of the international market assures high quality of products & services with competitive prices. Throughout the years of business, we developed good relations with well-known trademarks and OEMs in Europe, USA and in the Asian market.

We hope that you will consider our services and add our company to your list of suppliers and vendors. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us by email at hilwee@hilwee.eu or by phone at +49 2292 681004

Hilwee GmbH & Co. KG - Im Schiebelsstueck 9 - 51570 Windeck - Germany
General Partner: Hilwee - Verwaltungs GmbH - Im Schiebelsstueck 9 - 51570 Windeck - Germany
E-Mail: hilwee@hilwee.eu - Tel.: +49 2292 681004 - VAT-No.: DE 815297858

Hilwee® is a registered trademark.

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